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An uninstall option to remove the software from the client and remove device from portal.

j catlin@nmscolo org 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

when retiring devices it would be wonderful to have an option that uninstalls the client and ends the device session in the portal.  


Hi J.catlin@nmscolo.org,

We do have an option for the above request. Please select all the agents which you want to uninstall and then right click > select Delete. A modal will open. Select an option from the modal you want to go for and click Perform. Refer below screenshot for clarity.

Hope this helps.

I am asking for this to be an option from the client machine.  I would like to suggest this as an uninstall switch from the uninstall process on the end user device.  IE during the uninstall of the software being triggered on client machine it can also remove the device from the portal.  I am quite aware of the option to uninstall from the portal but I would like to be able to script uninstalling the software from a batch script during a decommissioning of end user devices from the device in question.   Please let me know if you have questions.