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Generate reports for login attempts in v21.5

Simon 3 years ago updated by Adam Schwartz 3 years ago 4

I’m testing v21.5 at the moment and I’m overjoyed that login attempts are being logged now.

I see that this has involved the introduction of four “security event” types:

(1) LoginAttempt

(2) LogoutAttempt

(3) ChangePasswordAttempt

(4) ResetPasswordAttempt

However, when I download my audit log using the ‘Download Audit Log as CSV’ extension, these event types aren’t included.

I’d like to be able to export login attempts in CSV form, so I really hope that this extension and the two report-generating extensions (‘Report Generator’ and ‘Report Manager’) will be updated in time for and in advance of the stable release of v21.5, rather than after.

Anyone else feel a need for exporting logs of login attempts, so they can be stored/analysed outside the web application?

Release notes for 2021.12 mention "Task - Reporting - Make security database reportable". Perhaps that's the groundwork that's needed for ConnectWise to build this report?

FWIW I really want to be able to run a report to show each user (from the Internal Users table) and see when they last logged in. This is very basic for user management - it would allow me to determine which accounts are stale. Can we build this?

Good eye Adam! We ran into some issues with updating the Report Manager extension to actually generate the login reports, but this should be out soon! 

Also noted your internal user report request, that is registered and something we can look into.

That's great to hear, using the Report Manager extension for this would be excellent! For what it's worth I really want to see a list of all users and the last time they successfully logged in.