Android Control of all Phones!

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Pleas make it possible to install and manage android devices full by remote control.

ASAP because we have to use teamviewer since then

Available in Version:
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It is possible to remotely control Samsung devices. Who is the manufacturer of the device you would like to control?

I downloaded both APK files that are listed on the screenconnect.com/download page. Neither file let me fully control a Samsung tablet. I could see the screen and tab through apps but my mouse clicks wouldn't work. Is there something I need to do to get my mouse clicks to work? Thanks!


Please contact our support team here if you're still having this issue. 

I second, third, and fourth being able to have full control over all Android devices, not just Samsung.

Hi also I have the same problem. Can not work with mouse, there is a solution to the topic?

A new mouse mode will be released to our beta group for testing in the next week or so. Are you interested in receiving beta updates?

Absolutely. Thanks!

I'd also love to be apart of a beta testing / release - could someone reach out?  We have a project going that would greatly benefit.

Hey Rick, 

Send a Gmail or Gsuite address to kmartinez@connectwise.com and i'll get you added.

Are you going to expand what android devices can be fully controlled?  Was really hoping to get this option back.


Hi manet80, 

Unfortunately, we are only able to control Samsung devices because of device manufacturer limitations. If those manufacturer limitations are lifted, in the future we could look into being able to control other Android devices. 

As an MSP I could really benefit from being able to remote control all andriod & iOS devices.

I would appreciate being part of a beta testing of this new product

I would like this feature also.

We have customers with Honeywell PDT Devices for stocktake and require the ability to for unattended access and control the device to complete work/resolve issues for customers.


Thank you for making a feature request with us. Currently, we are still investigating this and would help if you tell us what types (Manufacturers) you connect to more often.

Android devices are prevalent in warehousing scanners.  Need full control to support these devices.  There are other applications that have this capability why not ConnectWise?  This conversation is over 3 years old.

We have Connectwise Control and had it for many years, but now considering to switch to something else due to this..
Unattended Access is totally broken for mobile devices, and seems like they are not even working on it since it has been like this for years..

Hi Robin,

You can still have full control of all Samsung devices. May I know the manufacturer's name please?

For a list of phones which need control support, why not take any manufacturer with more then 5% market share, plus all rooted devices? 

This is really a very old but still an important feature to have. 

it's Samsung.

If the device reboots, the control wont work until someone open the app, and you click join they have to click "start now". Thats not unattended access.

So you need to fix so that the control-app runs a service which start automatically on boot.

This works with teamviewer however.

Is there any update on this? 


We have Zebra tablets setup with Control that are view only as per your support team. I would like to at least be able to copy/install files as we use Zebra tablets for application development and user testing. Is there any plan to expand the support beyond Samsung devices? 


I second this. Looks like TinyMDM can do it, so Zebra must have support for it.

Discover TinyMDM features - Remote cast & remote control with TinyMDM


Stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you are interested in joining our Android Beta testing group, please complete this form:
ConnectWise Control Android App Beta Testing

I will sign up, thank you!

I signed up for the Android Beta testing group, I have not seen anything so far and was just curious if there is any general timeline. 

We are probably a month or more away from having a beta for this specific feature, but we'll be rolling out a beta with some bug fixes in it before that if all goes well.

Can I suggest that you update your sign-up form to ask for both a contact email address and a Google email account for the store -- we aren't constantly monitoring the spam sent to the Google account.

Good Morning just wondering if there is any news on this? Not quite a month but I am eager to try it:) 


We currently have development scheduled to begin work on this in early June so likely looking at late June (at the earliest) for first beta build. 

Thank you for the update, much appreciated. I am looking forward to it.

Good Morning,

Just wondering if there is any update on this?



We are currently implementing some of the required services to support this. We started a bit later than initially planned, but I am hoping we will have something beta ready by mid-August.

Is it possible for you to deploy the beta version to our Google Play for business store? 

This would allow us to deploy the testing apps via Intune

We have other app developers who published their private testing apps to us.

All, I wanted to give a quick update on this issue. Development is coming along for this feature, we had an early technical demonstration earlier this week. There are still a few bugs to squash, but we are hoping to have this ready for early Beta by end of this month.

Awesome news thank you for the update!

If you are interested in Beta testing our Android application, please complete the following form, be sure to include your Gmail address!
As stated last week, I anticipate a beta build to be available by the end of the month.


I resubmitted my form as I think I did not include my work gmail prior. Thank you very much for your help and updates!

Good Morning just wondering if there is any update on this? Hoping to test this soon we are close to deploying a significant number of them and this would be great to add. Thank you for your assistance!


Code is currently in review and then will go to QA. Once QA is done I'll be sending out the link for testing. I think we have maybe 2 more weeks...subject to change but I am hopeful!

Hey is there an updates time line for this? We are looking at deploying this once testing is done. Thanks for all the updates. 


We have started the app approval with the Play Store. Since this will require using the Accessibility functions of the device, we need to demonstrate that we are giving appropriate prompts to ensure that end users are given the chance to decline the setting. Since we had to submit a video, I figured I could share it here, it was created by my engineering colleague, Mrinal:
Accessibility_Permission_1.mp4 - Google Drive

We are making good progress here, so be on the lookout for some updates very soon for our beta testers!

Thank you, looking forward to testing this. We have started deploying tablets so if we could test this soon that would be great while we have a small test group. Thank you for the updates.

Will this only be for session-based access or will you be supporting unattended access?

Also interested in knowing this. Looking forward to unattended access


Yes, unattended sessions should continue to work as they do now:
Set up unattended access to an Android device - ConnectWise

It does not work. The service wont start automatically after reboot, and you cant join "unattended" withouth a user clicking "Start now". Thats not unattended.

Do you already have access to the Beta Build? If you do, this is unfortunate news.

Sorry to hear you have run into these issues in the past. 
The first issue you mentioned about reboot is being addressed, but because it is a bit of a risky change, we'll be releasing the fix in a release after the new update.

There is an OS level limitation that will reset the Media Projection permission when the device is rebooted, we'll be making a small change that will notify the user to set this permission on device reboot. If a user were to ignore this dialog, we'll not be able to record the screen until the permission is set, in this scenario the prompt will appear on the end user screen when a host attempts to connect. 

Are you already sending out beta invitations?

No, see my post above from Tuesday