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Allow grouping for hostnames (dynamic ip for network which is tied to simmilar service as dyndns)

Michal Gut [PL] 3 years ago 0

Some of my customers have dynamic ip for their networks. I can filter those who have static (filter group by network address). But if its dynamic i cant group them. Ofcourse i can add "company" name but quite often computers migrate between branches and i need to know quickly where is it.

It could be done by service like dyndns or no-ip and filter by hostname OR

find computers where computerIP like specifiedserverid_or_ip.

Servers usually doesnt move and finding current network name based on name of specific machine would be ok. Server could be found by for instance servername+specific description in name or other field. Maybe their ID?

Currently i manually find server of specific branch and copy network ip address and pasting it to search box. Effective (thanks to great search box) but annoying when there is a need to switching between branches.