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Ability to Change Attributes After Deployment

Matt Henry 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

We need a way to change the "Site" field for devices after ConnectWise Control has been installed. We have 12 different locations. Our initial deployment set their locations incorrectly. Secondly, we have some devices that change locations from time to time.

If there was some way to set the location of the device by running a command on that device we could easily have the location update based on the user signed in or the IP the device receives. Currently, the only way to modify any attribute programmatically is to uninstall and reinstall with a newly configured MSI.

I envision a basic, lightweight CLI on the remote machines that can be used to modify the attributes of the device (e.g. Site, Department, Tag, etc).

This would also prevent us from having to have 12 different MSIs that each would need to be updated upon new version releases. Having just one installer and then programatically setting the attributes after deployment would be so much better.