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Add Restart Control Cloud Instance to Control Cloud Admin

Stevn Bartley 3 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 3 years ago 1

When migrating from On-Prem to Cloud for Control, there is an instruction page for the process:


In this document, step #4 instructs that you need to Restart your cloud instance to complete the migration process.  For partners that have integrated Automate or Command with Control, there is no ability to follow the default instruction given where you are supposed to use the https://cloud.screenconnect.com to change your server location and save so that the system will restart the cloud instance.  There is a small green Tip bar at the bottom of step #4 (should be at top and much bigger) that says if you can't do the change location method, then you can use the Advanced Configuration Editor or the Database page etc......

Suggestion/Request is that it would be much simpler for partners, if at Step #4, it simply had you sign into your Cloud instance of Control and go to Admin where you had an option to "Restart Control Cloud Instance" and if that option would simply restart the necessary components to ensure that your migration worked and completes the process.