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Third Option for naming computers

matt 3 years ago updated by jhardwick 3 years ago 3

Can we click on edit, then all, then where it says 'use machine name, and specific value for machine name', can we have third option to insert the org name before the machine name? This would help identify machines quicker. Rather than PC1, PC2, it would be ORGx3x-PC1, ORGd56-PC2, etc....


We use customproperty1 for the client name and then customproperty2 for the location name of the client.  We then have our session groups grouped by customproperty1,customproperty2 and then things sort nicely in the session list.

It would be nice would be if there was a way to customize the title bar in the active session window to include that same information.


thanks. I should have clarified my reasoning. I would like to see the org or group name of the company when I go back and look at my screen or video captures. Currently my captures all go to one folder, and are just listed by computer name. So if I have 50 captures in a month, there is no way to tell which company or org they belong to, all I see is server, :pc1, pc23, pc5, etc...I have over 1000 computers, and trying to rename each one would be a monumental time consuming ask.

Ok yeah, makes total sense. Have my up vote ;)