Add ability to see active users to show up when they are using remote desktop to access their PC.

Alan Chang 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Hi Alan,

You can achieve this by creating a session group filter as 'HostConnectedCount > 0'.

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Hi Rishikesh,

That didn't work for me. what I am trying to accomplish is to view the current user that is logged in via RDP. In order for me to view who is logged in via RDP, I have to select the PC and click "join with options" from there I can see console, remote user, and backstage. I would like to see the active user remote user show up in portal so I can search for the user. Hope that makes sense. the picture I attached show the top pc is someone remoted into (as you can see, I don't see the active user) the bottom PC shows the active user (only because I joined with options, and selected the remote user to connect). I want to be able to show the active user by default. I hope that makes sense.