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HTML5 client

Jason Sherrard 8 years ago updated by mc-college 4 years ago 9

Make host client with HTML5. Client will be the same across all platforms and downloads would not be needed.


Any update on this ?


having a htnl5 client would be very nice :)


Team, is this even being considered. A basic version in HTML5 (for access, at least) would make this priceless

Hello, any update on this?

This seems like it would be useful but also very complicated. If ConnectWise is hiring devs, I would love to tackle a project like this.

Wouldn't that defeat the self-hosted option?  One reason I started with ScreenConnect years ago over other products was the self-hosting -- if SC ever went belly-up, my installation wouldn't stop working.

This wouldn't have any impact on self hosting. You'd still be able to self-host just fine.

The feature request is related to the fact that currently the host machine you want to do remote control sessions from has to either install the ScreenConnect client software, or have Java installed so you can use the Java client.

If a HTML5 "client" was included in ScreenConnect then you could sit down on a computer you've never used before and that doesn't allow you to run executable files on and that doesn't have Java installed and still be able to remotely control other systems. 

This would definitely make remote working a lot easier for agents moving between various places and machines during events like lockdowns that we have now,