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Accessibility Issue with Guest Session Starter

Michael Ziminski 3 years ago 0

Hi there,

I'm the main IT guy for an organization that aids those who have visual impairments. I was testing my instance for accessibility and came across a pretty big bug that will affect the clients we serve. It has to do with the "Guest Session Starter". When I use my screen reader to test for accessibility, I use the TAB key to move between different links and buttons. When I get to the link/button to start a new session on my instance page, inside the guest session starter page my screen reader says "number link". Which means that the link is not accessible and our clients won't know what it says. If I press enter or space to activate that link, it does open the page for the client to start a new session.

The link text should be more descriptive than "number link". It should say "click here to start a new session". While it says "Start a new session" right on the page, this is only helpful for those who can see. For those who can't, "number link" means absolutely nothing.

How can this be fixed?