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Hi Julius,

You can restrict and/or block IP addresses from Advanced Configuration Editor extension. Click here to read more on this.

Hope this helps.

Hi Rishikesh

I know about this option to add/or block IP adresses in extension, but its not what we need.

Many of software have feature to block or allow IP access defined by Country, not by IPs.

Some of our customers are connected to internet via dynamic IP DSL/VDSL lines, or via mobile networks and i dont know, real IP adresses. Sometimes we as admins need to connect to server via mobile app and again I dont know IP address my phone will receive from Orange.  There are databases or services on internet available to be source of this information for your software. So I can define maybe 2-5 countries to be allowed and every other connection to server wil be denied.
This feature will improve security of your product especially now when ransomware is hitting MSPs.....

Shameful they haven't easily implemented this feature yet.  While a bad actor could easily utilize a VPN and appear to be in permitted country, it's a simple add-on and would greatly reduce the number of login attempts we see on our system daily.  I shouldn't have to implement a solution on my own.  Looking into CloudFlare Trust Tunnels at this point... Clients have a reason to push back on the value of having these remote tools installed by us as vendors.  We shouldn't be the ones opening the doors to a compromise.  Connectwise needs to do better...