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Exclude Companies from Access Scope

Mike Bloomfield 3 years ago updated by Nathan Terrell 2 years ago 2

Allow to exclude individual companies from Access Scope. For Example, give User Scope access to ALL Companies except Excluded companies. (ie. Techs do not have access to our internal scope)

Hi Mike,

What would be the use case for this request? More examples would help us understand more on this FR.

Hi, I second this, it would be very helpful. We have a helpdesk team that needs access to all devices in order to assist when a support call comes in, but we also have a group of devices with sensitive information on them, and we want to restrict access to just that "company" inside Control. Allowing us to exempt a company (or group of companies) from a role would have two benefits: (1) Any member of that role would automatically be able to access any company we add (and we add many per year), and (2) they would not be able to access the restricted company.