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"Silent" Session Monitoring - Quality Control Monitoring

Matthew Swanson 8 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 9 5 duplicates

This was previously submitted in the forums, but I can't find a FR on User Echo. Our call center director asked for an update, so I'm resub,it ting and hoping it is already on the roadmap.


GoToAssist has the ability for privileged users to invisibly connect to a session and monitor a session by one of their representatives. While conencted, the manager cannot interact with the session, but can see the session in real time. The agent has no visibility to the fat that they are connected.

As we've been switching, our Call Center managers have found that they miss this feature.

I would think a similar feature would be useful for quality control.

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+1 on this request. I know there is "big brother mode" such as disabling the banner, tray icon, and wallpaper removal but this would be a super useful feature - without changing app.config and pushing the update to all endpoints

This is completely possible if you use an extension to edit the web.config and app.config files. The only downside is that if you have a slow or old guest machine, the mouse cursor will flicker. The best way to prevent it is to block host input by default when they join and it can also prevent any accidental mouse movement on the tech's side. You might also want to disable clipboard sharing so the tech's clipboard doesn't overwrite the guest's clipboard.

Unfortunately, we need the best of both worlds. Our IT staff to be able to remote and resolve issues, with a small subset of people that can do view only on just a handful of machines.


There is a manual option by editing the roles.xml file, but this applies to all computers. There also needs to be an option for view only based on groups so we can also restrict access to view only to within a certain group.

Considering for Future Release
Considering for Future Release