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Printing Remotely - Log Me In Function

Brandon Billy 3 years ago 0

We have used Log Me In in the past, and are attempting to utilize ConnectWise Screen Capture, although there is a function that is pertinent for us to have. 

When attempting to print remotely to the printer of the remoter, you have to select the printer, from the options on the list. For example I have 26 printers as I have 26 locations, and a printer I can print to from each location. So when I log into screen connect, all 26 of my printers show up in that list. (First this is very cumbersome, when attempting to print to my local Default Printer.) But that's not all. 

We have a Point of Sale (POS) program that will print to the default printer, without the option to change where it prints. With Log Me In, When the person remotes in, it automatically sets their default printer. To the Default on the computer, so when I run a report with Log Me In, it prints on the computer beside me. 

With Connect Wise, When I run the same report, it prints to the local store. Not the printer beside me. 

*Yes I understand I could change the default printer, and print. But then I'd have to change it back every time I run that report, and since its a function with Log Me In. I end up using Log Me In instead of Connect Wise for this report. BTW I run the report every day, for all 13 stores.*