Ability to change chat sound

Administrator 9 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 5 months ago 7

Partner would like to change the sound that chat makes.

User Story:

Partner would like to specify a file for the chat sound. This may be an existing window sound, or a specific file (ie: mysound.wav).

This could be an web or client resource string.

Pending Review


Is this possible to re-review?

It's been about a year since this was declined - unsure if any technological limitations or roadmap prioritization lends a place for this request.

The idea behind this for me is that when we message a user, it's using the default Critical Error alert from Windows.

When we chat, it's an error sound.

When we talk to a user, they associate our messages with the sound it makes when their computer is broken.

Definitely more of a psychologically-based quality-of-life request, but wanted to see if this was at all possible. Thank you!

Hey Dean,

We changed the chat notification sound to SystemSounds.Asterisk in 6.5. Does this meet your needs?

Considering for Future Release