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Please sign your updates

david purscell 3 years ago updated by 14erDave 7 months ago 4

Every time we update to a new version of ConnectWise Control, it freaks out our EDR.  We spend days dealing with hundreds of benign alerts -- because your update files aren't signed.  It also delays the rollout process.  Would really appreciate if you used signed files for updating.  It is more secure and significantly less headaches.


Hello, I am also looking to have this feature implemented. We use ScreenConnect internally as well as deployed to clients. Whenever there is a server update, our computers prompt to install an update before connecting to the computer. This installer is an MSI file with a randomly generated name and there's no way to identify it as a ScreenConnect updater. Having the files be signed by ConnectWise would help us a lot


Would love to have this enhancement added as well. Would make deployments easier through automation tools.


This is a major impact on our workflow every single time there is an update. In this day and age and in the market we are in I do not understand why this is not just standard practice?


If ConnectWise was a mom-and-pop software company I could possibly understand them not signing updates.  You are certainly NOT a mom-and-pop software company.  Time to get professional.