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Detect browser version correctly when setting up a support session

Paul Cutts 3 years ago updated by TechCare 3 years ago 4

When a new support session is initiated the customer gets a generic message to locate the download client file in the browser window. Many customers requiring ad-hoc support are not computer experts, so finding the download is often an issue for them. Edge has two locations depending on version, Chrome and Firefox have different locations yet the message tot eh customer is always the same.

Modification of the process is request to correctly identify the browser and version to correctly identify the location and method required to access the downloaded client file. 

Hi Nick,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please install 'Guest Download Assistant' extension from the Extension Marketplace and enable it.


Its a nice tool, but does not work with Edge


It is really embarrassing to use ConnectWise Control at the moment. I have to say " never mind the on screen instructions, try looking at either the top right or bottom left, or top right where the downward arrow is..."

@nick - I've lodged this with support probably a month ago. Telling them their extension (which is epic by the way) doesn't work with Edge (Chromium). They told me they would let the developers know. 

@Rishikesh - this cannot be a hard thing to update? I have used this extension for years and it makes life so much easier for technicians. Please can we get traction on this?