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Fix confusing DUO login interface for Control

Pchong 3 years ago updated by Francis Lessard 3 months ago 9 1 duplicate

Control prompts for DUO pin and then send a push to the associated user's phone app. You must then click allow on the app and then click next on the Control interface with a blank passcode. 

We would like the option to actually select PUSH and the push to go through without the extra confusing pin prompt. Or be able to put in pin if we so choose. 

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Any update on this?

This would be huge for us.  This becomes a training issue with staff as the current process of having to approve the logon and then hit OK/LOGIN to continue.

I agree with the above. The Duo management in AD is much nicer that you don't have to involve your techs like you do with Google Authenticator or Authy, but the confusing Duo Login is just messy and forces training your techs on something that should be straightforward and the same across all platforms being used by Continuum. 

This is the same request as "DUO Approval Automatic Login". Can we get an update on either one of these cases? Would like to see this implemented.

Hi Austin,

Thank you for contacting us. I just wanted to let you know that we are currently investigating this issue. Although, we cannot provide an exact ETA on when it will be implemented but we're hoping to have it asap.

What is the status on this? We also just switched from OTP to DUO and see the same issue.

Essentially, once DUO push is approved, it should send a status code back to the API, upon correct validation, redirect to the main CW Control interface.

Any update on this request, I just set up Duo 2fa for screen connect and our users still have to select "login" after approving the Duo push.  

Any update on this? This is unacceptable for the Control Website not to be able to receive the approval from the DUO PUSH API and allow the user to be let into the website. Users have to click the login button twice. I agree with @rcomeau above that this should be an easy fix. I have MULTIPLE applications in use with DUO, maybe take a look at DATTO as their API integration with their portal works flawlessly. 

This is exactly what lead to SC mess last month. Lack of commitment from the dev team. Who cares about login/security issues... Can anybody belive this is being asked for 3 years now ? It "works" so leave it like that, unfinished, unpolished. Then someday, it gets breached somehow.

Duo messy login on SC should be fix to work smoothly like other integration of Duo on other products. Being the entry gateway to a holy grail for hackers, it definitely need more attention and care.