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Printing remotely

jmarczak 3 years ago 0

Remote printing seems to be cumbersome. I was told by ConnectWise support rep and the driver mapping needs to be perfect and the remote printing toggled on and off when done and before disconnection. I have number of clients using ScreenConnect to connect to their office computers and do the printing at their home office. So, reinstalling drivers at both places (work and home) to have a perfect match is not the most efficient approach. Never had to do it with Logmein or TeamView or GotoMyPC. The more annoying is the ghost drivers appearing on the guest computers redirected from the host computer and they include: OneNote, all PDF pritners, XPS and fax, multiple instances them. Why cannot we just get the default printer or any real printers the host can print to. Rep suggested disabling the other devices before connecting. That is just not an option. It feels like the remote printing engine is not designed well. I never had to load any drivers for other solutions and never, ever I had a printing problem. With ConnectWise, I seem to fight with the remote printing here and there. The good thing is that I was always able to get it working but multiple devices still show on the guest computer.