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Feature to retain Connectivity when formatting PC

Rodney Pairrett 3 years ago updated by TechCare 3 years ago 1

In a case where we have an employee exiting, we will connect remotely to their PC and wipe it / format it, so that it can be passed along to the next employee assuming their position. When we initiate the format process, Connectwise gets wiped from the PC and then we are stuck talking someone through the process of re-loading Connectwise so that we can load the PC for the new employee. What we would like is a way for Connectwise to not get wiped / erased at the time of formatting the PC.

+1 - very interesting feature, but I don't know how this would work. It would depend on how you format. Some re-image the system (which you could update the image with Connectwise Control inbuilt), myself I typically remote execute the reset feature on Windows 10, which then follows your point. I assume in the Windows reset process it creates a partition to allow a full wipe and re-install. Would be very interested to know how this would be implemented.