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Remove the unnecessary scrollbars in the Java client

af7567 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

When using the Java client on a single screen Linux machine to connect to a Guest PC with multiple monitors, I will select the 75% zoom option so that I can still read everything and just have to scroll left and right to see the other screen. This makes it easier to work sometimes than selecting 1 monitor or the other.

My problem is that the up/down scrollbar will always be shown even though there is plenty of screen space in that direction to set the Java client window to be a big enough size. If I resize the window height after setting the 75% zoom then ConnectWise Control will just rescale the guest display so that it is small enough to fit (and too small to read).

If the Java window height is set a few pixels taller when selecting the 75% (or whatever) zoom level then the vertical scrollbar wouldn't be necessary. I assume the height is chosen to fit the guest desktop height at 75% but the extra space used by the horizontal scrollbar isn't taken into consideration.