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Client instruction dialogue for consenting to macOS Privacy settings

Alastair 3 years ago 0

Our helpdesk team has been hassling for us to get TeamViewer, mostly because it has a really nice dialogue for managing the macOS Privacy consent options. It has with red icons and buttons to re-trigger access which pops up to help users understand what still needs to be done on the client side. Our helpdesk team often complains this can be the biggest issue assisting some of our clients - they can spend 30 minutes trying to talk "less experienced" users through the install and allowing screen recording etc, just for a two minute problem. 

Being able to remote trigger the window to pop-up or bring to the front when the connection is established, some basic graphics or animations to visually cue what the user is meant to be doing could be an improvement on this.

It doesn't seem like Apple will let us control this via profile any time soon.

Other suggestions appreciated.

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