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Start in Backstage mode from Automate Control Center

Chris Oliver 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

MY company uses Automate to initialize Control sessions by default. We only user the web interface when we have to. Backstage mode is very useful to us but it would be nice to be able to start in backstage mode from Automate as to not bother the users just to switch over a few seconds later. 

I know this functionality exists in the web interface and on screenconnect.com, the next logical step is to include this in Automate. I am sure there a lot of other companies out there that prefer the to manage their workstations like this as well. 

Hi Chris,

   It's a permission in Automate. I have it turned off for all our techs. 

Can you tell me how I can change this setting?

From the automate thick client. 

Sorry if I didn't fully read your comment.  It seems as if you were asking for it in the thick client and not the Automate web interface? 

I know this doesn't help, but i think their plan is to decommission the thick client once all the features have been implemented into the web. Sorry if I led you down a rabbit hole.  

That's ok. If the end goal is to be entirely web based it makes sense the option never made it to the thick client. Thank you for your help though.