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SC server MSI should abort upgrade if license check fails even without interactive GUI

Alex Heylin 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Support Ticket #15223402

According to support when installing the MSI with /qn or similar switches for non-interactive / scripted upgrade, it's expected that if the license check fails the upgrade is installed anyway and the SC instance is left broken even though this condition was detected by the license check.  It might be expected by support - but not by customers, and this exception is not documented where the license check is documented https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/ConnectWise_Control_release_notes/Upgrade_to_the_latest_version_of_ConnectWise_Control

The license check should abort an upgrade under all circumstances unless a command line parameter is passed to force the upgrade, or a non-default choice is made in the installer GUI to force the upgrade.

Just because the upgrade is running non-interactive is not a good reason to ignore the license check failure and force the upgrade which then leaves the instance unusable.  This killed a customer instance this week, and was completely avoidable. 

The problem with this feature request is that it would then break upgrades for partners that receive ConnectWise Control licensing through ConnectWise Automate rather than having an actual Access license installed in ConnectWise Control.

Why? We have both.  It's only a license key. Our CWA-licensed instance does have an Access license installed. 
I could discuss more details, but CW hid the license details and key after installation as part of an upgrade in the last couple of years. 

Unless you're saying that for partners licensed via CWA, the license check already fails and alerts to screen (and has to be overridden) during an upgrade - then it doesn't make any difference.  

I'm asking for only one change in functionality - for the non-interactive version to do (what is currently documented) and abort if the existing license check fails. The license check itself is already in place and no changes are needed there if it already works properly.