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Add ability to schedule a reboot for a future time

Michael Legato (Support) 8 years ago updated by Alex Heylin 3 years ago 8

Partner is requesting the ability to schedule a reboot for a future time (similarly to how LogMeIn allows this). He is aware that the shutdown command can be used (or scheduled tasks on the OS), but would like this natively done in the Host page of SC.



I would like a features that works with being able to schedule a tool / process to run on a scheduled time.

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Considering for Future Release

We just changed from LogMeIn to Connect Wise Control - and we are also missing a feature to restart a machine.

In LogMein we could choose between 5 different options:

normal restart

emergency restart - restars even if it is not possible to close all applications

hard restart - like you press the reset button on the machine

restart and boot into the safe mode

scheduled restart               ***This would be for us the most important feature****


FWIW - you can script restarts / commands with the API / RMM+ API and schedule the call to the API. 

Please do this, one of the features I miss from LogMeIn as well.  

shutdown /r /f /t <n seconds>