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Default Blank Guest Monitor/Input

cbray 2 years ago updated by TryonNCryon 2 years ago 5

I have had a few people ask about the possibility to have Blank Guest Input and Blank Guest Monitor enabled by default for some workstations. Two separate scenarios have been brought up to me:

    A user is granted access through the Automate portal to use Control to access their PC remotely and would like the ability for it to default "Blank Guest Monitor" and "Blank Guest Input" for their session to their workstation so anyone walking by cannot see it.
    A client has a server where the display is visible to employees and is locked until a technical resource has connected to it, in which case it could be alarming to people who do not realize it is a technical resource using the device.

Once in a while, while I am connected to my office PC, ScreenConnect will "reconnect" for some reason.  After that, the "Blank Guest Monitor" and "Block Guest Input" are both set OFF after reconnecting.  When the session has to reconnect for whatever reason -- turn it back on like it was before instead of setting it off again.  A default setting for a given workstation would help to keep it turned on for every connection.


another case: an IT admin is remotely accessing her personal workstation at the office and is reading sensitive material such as passwords or other documentation. Any passers-by could see this and take a picture with their phone. Is the only option to turn on blanking for all (or none) Guest Sessions? Blanking all sessions would greatly disrupt our help desk techs who need to work with users directly without blanking their monitors/input.

"Join with Options" already contains a checkbox to "suspend my input". Seems like it would be fairly trivial to add "Blank Guest Monitor" and "Always Blank Guest Monitor as join options if not being able to create an options group of some sort where machines would take on this designation by default. Seems like it should also be the default for servers but I believe is being addressed in another topic.


I have been asked to investigate the possibility of this as well. We would like to be able to blank the guest screen and input on only a certain session group of machines created under Access, but the setting under the web configuration file is only for all sessions. 

Sorry meant to add to my previous post, default setting on this.

Similar issue, except that when I select "Blank Guest Monitor", it also "blanks" my view as well. Kinda can't drive while blind.