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Windows 365 - Logon session - choose session at initial connection or default to most recent logged on user

Kevin Brown 2 years ago 0

This is a similar request to the RDP session switching, but for a different use case and service, so I thought this deserved its own Feature Request.

I am trialling the Windows 365 service, which is a Virtual PC sitting on top of Azure Virtual Desktop technology.

By default, the agent connects to the console - which just shows the Lock Screen. I can switch logon session, but these are Virtual PCs (not Terminal Servers), so we will never use the Console session, we are using ScreenConnect to be able to provide remote support to our end-users. 

Ideally I would like to option, maybe during the agent installation, or perhaps an editable option on the dashboard, to automatically connect to the logged on user session.

There will only ever be a console session and a single user session. So for the Cloud-PCs this should be easier to implement.

Or perhaps a global setting that pops up a session dialog chooser if the agent is connected to "console" when you click "Join" ?

This would be incredibly useful.