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Ability to count and export a list of endpoints based on session group

John DeStefano 3 years ago updated by nengelhardt 12 months ago 4

Would love the ability to export a list of machines based on session group and get into .csv

Would also love to be able to have a COUNT somewhere of endpoints in a session group and have it tie into Triggers.

Ex. Company A has 32 endpoints. Trigger = If company A count > 30, send webhook alert

I like.. you can get a count of sessions in a group if you are using the group by in the session groups.  We have a property for client name and group by that.  

The webhook alerting would be nice though.. even the ability to trigger on a new device being added to or removing from a group.

so we can do a count currently? can that be thrown into a trigger? would be awesome to set this up for some of the clients we just gave an .msi to, to see if they are going over their # of PCs allowed

I'm a partner too, but yeah you can do a count.  I don't think you can do a trigger though.

Same here. I'd like to set up a trigger to warn me when I'm getting close to my license count.