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deployer only used at one subnet

Mark Goedhart 2 years ago updated by Fabian IT 7 months ago 2

At this moment the deployer can only be used at one subnet. To deploy I must be in that subnet. In large companies there are a lot more subnets or VLAN's.

It would be nice if I can fill in different subnets at the deployer and deploy the agent 


I figure this out, you need to go into the IP settings of the network card and add alternate IP addresses under the Advanced TCP/IP settings, under IP addresses.

Free IP tools like IPSCANNER can view all my subnets. This application should be able to do that same without having to go into my network card and adding alternate IP's for 10 subnets. I am just saying, it would make this app\service go a long way if it were to do that. Generally, the application seems to be on point if it weren't for an extra 10 lines of code that can look at the other subnets. AngryIP is open source, maybe the snippet that allows to use various subnets can be pulled from there?