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Launch multiple host sessions simultaneously

anonymous 8 years ago updated by Julio Perez 2 years ago 11 3 duplicates

Partner requests the ability to select multiple sessions on the host page and click join. Each session is joined in a separate window.

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Please do this

There are times we have to manually go into machines (over 100). It would be nice to be able to select 15+ machines at once and have them all launch their remote sessions vs. having to do one at a time. This also need to be replicated to Automate desktop app.


This feature is quite important to us.  We may have multiple engineers needing to access a server at a time,  running accounts with different privilege levels. 

Currently we are at risk of a lower tier engineer accessing a session in use with higher privilege levels.   Somebody suggested a halfway feature of a 'do not disturb' sign which may be sensible.

Multiple session support to be honest is what I expected.  Every server has a minimum of 2 separate console sessions,  so why can this not be mapped through control ? 

Hi team, my request has been just merged with this one. Are there any timelines to implement this feature? Or is it still under review (6year after it has been logged)?

Hi Julio,

Thanks for the follow up. I just wanted to let you know that we are currently investigating this and cannot provide an exact ETA on when it will be implemented.

Considering for Future Release

Many thanks Rishikesh for considering our request for a future release. Please keep us posted on the progress.