Automatically close all support session after 72hours

Jason Thompson Kufgem 2 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 years ago 3

Choice after how long a Support sessions or sessions without connection from Hosts/Guests/Hosts+Guests are closed (Ended) after x hours.  
Our support staff have got into the habit of leaving the support session open and never deleting them.. We would like the option to automatically close all support sessions after 72hours.. All these open support sessions are a security risk as anyone can connect to the open session without consent etc...


Hi Thompson,

There are some options in the "Advanced Configuration Editor" extension you might want to try for the above request. Please click the link and browse to the 'Session Settings' section to find the suitable option(s).

Hope that helps !!

Hi Gajul, thanks for the reply..
I found the following setting and just want to confirm what it does..

Admin -> Advanced -> Web Configuration -> Settings -> "Session Expire Seconds" (Number of seconds before which a disconnected session expires from the list of sessions.) -> Does this mean disconnected from both sides (host and guest)? If the host session stays open it will never be removed or deleted?

Due to Security reasons our boss wants all Support sessions that are older than 72 hours to be deleted /removed.. So this means that on Monday morning we should not have any open support sessions... only if someone has worked on the weekend..


See below answers for the questions asked:
1. Yes, it means disconnected session from both sides.
2. Unless you manually remove/delete the session.