Audit Log Export to CSV and Report Manager Extension UK Date Format

TonyK 2 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 years ago 1


I recently tried to export the ScreenConnect Administration Audit log. There was no export to CSV option.

I then installed the ConnectwiseLabs Report Manager and this failed to export.

I investigated this and this was down to the Report Manager extension being hardcoded with the US date format - mm/dd/yyyy

As I am in the UK this failed

I had to create a VM with US settings to export the data.  This means I have to run a VM every time I want to export the audit log.

Can this extension be updated to read the local browser localisation?

Alternatively, add the export to CSV into the Audit page natively with filters



Hi Tony,

Please install and download 'Download Audit Log as CSV' from Extensions page. It will add a button to the Audit page which will help you query and download Audit log to CSV.

For Report Manager query, please contact our Support team for further investigation.