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Static IPs for ScreenConnect cloud instances in secure corporate environments

dennis maldonado 2 years ago updated by jweyts 3 weeks ago 4 1 duplicate

In a corporate environment, we have firewall rules to allow only specific outbound traffic for things such as ScreenConnect. Currently, ConnectWise randomly and without warning changes the IP addresses for the ScreenConnect instances, making ScreenConnect unusable for secure environments.

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This shouldn't even be a request. Notifications need to be sent out especially for this critical time in the world where more and more people are working from home. This impacts business tremendously when IP addresses are changed. Our IPS/IDS does not have the ability to whitelist FQDN. The amount of time we put in to figure out what is going wrong and what the new IP address is and having to involve our vendor takes time. We should be billing ConnectWise for the time impacted to resolve the issue every time an IP Address is changed. This is unacceptable from a customer stand point

100% agree. Our server IP addresses keep changing almost on a weekly basis.

Since we upgraded to a more secure configuration, screenconnect has been causing headaches every other week by changing the IP that even support said wouldn't change. This is ridiculous, for a basic feature that should have existed a decade ago.

We are experiencing the same issue where our vendors consistently losing connection. Did you guys find a solution to this?

This is a real headache.It would help if ConnectWise could assign a (small) IP pool to our tenant and communicate that subnet via the admin-page for instance.