Group Session for Clients Idle Longer than X days

Graeme Jones 8 years ago updated by Silas Sulser 6 years ago 22 2 duplicates

I would like to be able to have a session group filter for machines that have not been online for more than 30 or 60 days for example.

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I would second this. Looking for a way that we could audit potentially machines that are no longer in use and the entry in ScreenConnect was never used. We use LabTech integration and while we can uninstall the LT agent it does not remove the ScreenConnect agent.

Probably the easiest way to do this would be if LabTech ran uninstall command it removed SC from PC ( best way to do this would have it set somewhere in labtech what your ScreenIonnect instance ID is so it doesn't potentially remove other vendors SC installs. and then it would run the commands to remove it from the endpoint/server & end the session in ScreenConnect itself so its no longer present.

And for the stuff that slips by having a way to audit this such as a field in the database tab that says find idle sessions that the guest hasn't connected in longer than X would allow us to say if they haven't connected in X or exceeds X period of time we can select all of those and end the sessions (For the machines that probably are no longer active or in use such as they were replaced or died)


Doesn't exist any kind of filter command for that, so when you create a Group Session, it filters in that way? It's a good idea. You can even spot Ghost Sessions (duplicated) in this way. I like it.

is this complete ?

if yes whats the comment for it ?

It was a duplicate and therefore was meant to be declined. Sorry for the confusion.

so this option is decline or still under review?

The duplicate issues linked, "Duplicated and Ghost Sesions", is declined but only because it's merged with this issue. But to answer your question, this topic is still under review.

I can't see any action on this since your last comment 6 months ago, is this still being worked on?

I do feel this is something that should be available. A group for machines offline for more than 30 days would be useful so I can keep track of live machines and those we no longer use.

This feature is really needed! We have a number of old clients that need to be cleaned up, but no good way to filter on them. I have found the below comes close, but it organizes by date of last connect, so there is a huge list of dates to go through...

Name: Offline Machines

Session Filter: GuestConnectedCount < 1

Subgroup Expression: GuestLastActivityTime


Anyone that is still waiting for this. I have found a way to do this monthly.

Session Group: Offline Workstations since 4.11.17 

Session filter: (GuestConnectedCount = '0') 

Subgroup Expression: IIF (GuestInfoUpdateTime > '4/11/2017', '< 30days', '> 30days')

I just change the name and date in the subgroup expression and it will show machines that have not connected in  > and < 30 days.

Just what I was looking for. Thanks! 


This is the group I use to accomplish this.

(GuestConnectedCount = '0') AND (GuestInfoUpdateTIme < $90DAYSAGO)

This looks so promising but the GuestInfoUpdateTime isn't working for ours.  Is it possibly the version you have, we're on 6.4xxx?  I'm confused as to why this is labeled as Completed.

Edit - I just noticed the Reference on the Connectwise site  includes the variable for $XDAYSAGO but it is not listed in the available variables on our shared labtech/on-prem server under Manage Session Groups -> Show Reference  The one there only shows $USERNAME, $SERVERVERSION, $OTHERAND, $OTHEROR

We have on-premise as well. We just updated to 6.5.16479.6613. When I posted before we would have been on 6.4.15787.6556.

Hi folks, is it possible to automatically delete all devices (sessions) of that session group?

We use this filter to show all devices which are inactive for at least 30 days: GuestInfoUpdateTIme < $30DAYSAGO

Because we have over 1000 clients I dont really want to delete these sessions manually, how to automate that?

Thanks and best regards

Hi Silas, 

Set the setting AccessSessionExpireSeconds to 2592000 (30 days) and the sessions will be removed from the list. 


Hi Kirsten, many thanks! that is exactly what I was looking for!