Add bulk thumbnail page for quick viewing of all activity

Trent Miller 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3 1 duplicate

We've caught a few school policy violations by pure luck when glancing at the thumbnail previews.

Moodle used to have a www.moodlersiteurl/USERPIX URL that would show all of the current user profile pictures in an array on a single web page. It would be awesome if we could see all current thumbnails for all computers in one web page.

A quick glance at all of them would be beneficial to us K-12 tech guys trying to control the inappropriate use and probably to other companies.


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What would it take to implement this feature? We manage a national account, and would more than likely have our screenconnect-devices in over 3000 locations across the country.

it would also be nice to click no the thumbnail on that screen and connect to they system.