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Unable to reopen client chat window after minimize or Show Windows Desktop

justin@imaginesystems net 2 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 years ago 1



When you minimize the CW chat window on a client PC you can never get it to show back up again. Even closing the chat window completely and then typing a new chat from the CW portal will not result in a chat window reappearing. The windows has been lost. This means that you must never minimize a chat window (or even click "show windows desktop" to minimize all windows) or you will lose your chat window until the client ScreenConnect agent service is restarted.

Support is aware of this issue to the extent that they removed the minimize button from the chat window in order to avoid the problem. But the issue remains, you're left juggling an open chat window even as it gets in the way of working on the client PC. And be sure to never use the show desktop option when a client PC has 30 windows open or you're lose the ability to chat with them.

It is terribly frustrating that this problem first occurred well over a year ago and it has still not been solved, and any inquiry to support about this problem it is met with instructions to make a feature request for a base level function that should be a given.

For Shame! This is not a feature. This is a bug fix. It used to work and it still should. Please fix this problem.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the report. Our development team is working on this issue and will deploy the fix with the upcoming builds as soon as it is ready. Currently, there is no ETA for this.