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Extended auditing improvements

Francois Kenney 8 years ago updated by Martin Old 3 years ago 5

Adding more auditing options like events to be captured, also add fields like host, computer name.

Right now ScreenConnect only has 2 levels of auditing some or all, would be better to have options on what and how it is audited, for example instead of having full video, there could be a system of regular screenshots every X seconds so you can get an idea of what's going on without the full video would also reduce the size of captures alot. This should be in folders with session name and screen captures timestamped.

Pending Review

I would love move features in extended auditing as well.  It would be nice to select which sessions you want or don't want to be auto-recorded, rather than all or none.


Being able to exclude particular sessions from video capture would be helpful, we've got a few sessions that are CCTV DVRs so max out the file size pretty quick. Being able to exclude them temporarily would be very helpful!

Also, the ability to add a retention length to automatically purge recording would be extremely helpful in controlling utilization.

You can already do that with a database maintenance action. Ours purge after 90 days.