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Make it possible to change the Receive folder on the Guest computer, or fix it.

Peter OTools 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

I see the same option for Host is done, thanks so much.

But we need it on the Guest-side as well, at least fix it permanently to fixed and simple naming, please!

When sending a file or folder to Guest-side, it takes ridiculous cumbersome to get to the file or folder uploaded.

Here where it goes (example today):


I mean, why you need it so deep instead a simple C:\Whatevername near (not in) root folder ??

if you need to keep that path , it's ok for me AS FAR AS you AVOID version-folder at least (in this example, remove '22.7.8783.8255')

or even 1 level less, like: 

C:\Windows\Temp\ScreenConnect\  (and keep it the same along any version)

Those extra folder don't add any feature rather than annoying you to find out the long path after several command lines. Please!