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Make it possible to change the Receive folder on the Guest computer, or fix it.

Peter OTools 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 0

I see the same option for Host is done, thanks so much.

But we need it on the Guest-side as well, at least fix it permanently to fixed and simple naming, please!

When sending a file or folder to Guest-side, it takes ridiculous cumbersome to get to the file or folder uploaded.

Here where it goes (example today):


I mean, why you need it so deep instead a simple C:\Whatevername near (not in) root folder ??

if you need to keep that path , it's ok for me AS FAR AS you AVOID version-folder at least (in this example, remove '22.7.8783.8255')

or even 1 level less, like: 

C:\Windows\Temp\ScreenConnect\  (and keep it the same along any version)

Those extra folder don't add any feature rather than annoying you to find out the long path after several command lines. Please!

Available in Version: