when building installer, ability to filter by client

aburgess 2 years ago updated by jhardwick 2 years ago 3

When building installer, filter by client.  When you have several "Main Office", it's hard to determine which is the correct client.  Provide the ability to filter down the locations to only one client.

This can be accomplished using session group and session properties, I am including a couple of links that may be helpful, but if you have any problems, I recommend contacting our support team.

Create session subgroups - ConnectWise
Create session subgroups - ConnectWise

The issue is that the Build Installer screen doesn't filter the available locations by the selected company, for example.

So if you don't know how the locations are specified for a particular client, you can't use the drop-down to match it - because it includes any value that is in that property field for any access agent.

Login should be to filter available locations in the drop-down by the selected company.