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Screenconnect- Current Version- MAC Ventura- Not an identified developer

Jack Buchan- Buchans Group 2 years ago updated by Just Jay 11 months ago 6

On the new MAC OS its a pain to connect to a session as it keeps trying to block with the downloaded app saying its not an identified developer can this be improved in the future?


It's getting worse. I was able to install it (CWC v22.910231) on Mac OS Ventura 13.0 but than CWC v22.9.10446 came up and MAC OS Ventura 13.0.1. I updated both versions. Now when I click on reinstall in order to go to the latest version of CWC nothing happens. I completely removed the old version, reinstalled the new one but it won't show up on my unattended devices list. I checked everything on Mac OS Ventura 13.0.1 under System Settings/Privacy & Security/Accessibility/Screen Recording to make sure connectwisecontrol-********* is checked.

I can no longer support new clients running the latest version of Mac OS Ventura because CWC thinks there are only Windows users out there. Installation on Mac OS has been a hassle for years and now is completely broken.

What's your support ticket number?  I'll ask someone to give you call.  You can send it directly at ctrlpm@connectwise.com

Hi All,

This is now happening again, with Ventura 13.4 we updated for our Beta testing as we have a 90 day defer on all production Machines. 

Now we have to request screen sharing access again within Mac OS as Screen Connect is now showing as an unidentified developer.

Any help would be appreciated, i have logged a support request from the website to no reply as per usual...

Same here. My few Mac clients have dropped off my console entirely. Have to talk them through manual ScreenConnect download and permissions if I need to connect.

"What's your support ticket number? I'll ask someone to give you call. You can send it directly at ctrlpm@connectwise.com"

Hello Mike Bannerman! You posted this 6 month ago. Can you please let us all know how to fix this problem?

Any update on this issue? All my macs have been disabled from my console for two months and I am stuck doing one time codes to support them. Really thought this would be resolved by now.