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Ability to switch to a LAN connection when machines are on the same Network

Mike Bannerman 9 years ago updated by camBravo 3 years ago 20

When host and guest are on the same network, establish a direct connection rather than using the relay server.

User Story:
Partner would like to not use server architecture when machines are on the same LAN.

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Need this for a display wall. We have 4 1080P televisions that are being remote controlled by multiple people. We can use VNC, but prefer not to. Bandwitdth at times is around 40Mbps and that is not cool back to the corporate office. We cant go with lower quality as it makes the TV look like fuzz.

2 years old. You can do it!

Would save a lot of people a lot of trouble for internal connections with a low bandwidth upload.

Curious if they would just distribute the server service to the clients you request?

Would be cool if they would leave the server service and just tunnel from client to client after the initial authentication

Considering for Future Release

Please tell me this is coming soon?  8 Months later I am still hopefull.

Hi guys,

We are working on an extension that'll make it possible to establish a direct connection over a local network to a managed machine. Take a look at https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/1/topics/1631-basic-vnc-integration

I know you linked the newer request for a VNC extension, but I am sure others would agree we don't want VNC on our network which is why we purchased ScreenConnect.  Please update if this is going to be worked on.  Thanks

i agree vnc is an older extension but if you use use Intel vpro on your machines, you still need this extension for your network.  This would be a big help in my environment. 

I wasn't saying VNC is an older extension in the way you speak.  It may be, however I was just speaking to the date of this request.  The request is 3 years old.  Lets join in an celebrate Sean White's 3rd anniversary of this request. While snow boarding isn't involved, I still approve of this Shawn White, as he has better requests than the winter sports guy.

What is the status of this (2 years in the making)?  We still have a need for this and we don't want to use VNC as a work around.  Thanks

not even an update, just considered... pretty disappointing

I agree this is a much needed feature. We use ScreenConnect to manage and control dozens of machines. Sometimes we need remote access without internet when we're on the ground trying to set things up (most of our machines operate video walls and thus operate heedlessly) and it would be great to have this feature. The only reason we need another program (and pay for it) is that it supports local VNC from any system that supports VNC (Mac, Windows). Seeing that this request has been around for four years and has more upvotes than some approved and developing features is too bad. 

Mathew wanted VNC and it was easier to do so they punted on this which is sad.  The AEM from auto task uses VNC as well we just cant get away from VNC.  Free is free :-(  I have been waiting 5 years, I think its time for a Birthday gift  with an update? Lol don't count on it.

Also really need this please !

any updates? We run CW servers out of a private cloud and hairpin loop back is our issue. This would be great

Would love to see this, been asking for it for a few years via the help email address. It comes up all the time for us and it would be good to do everything all in one program rather than buying a secondary app just for this use case. 

Edit: Sometimes we are in a position where there is no out-side world internet at all so pure direct control over local is also something I'm asking for.