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Allow Microphone forwarding/virtualization

JamesEN 2 years ago updated by Tyler-NW 3 months ago 3

Considering ConnectWise already allows you to forward your microphone to the remote PC's speakers, why isnt there an option to forward your microphone to the remote PC's microphone so that you can make a VOIP/Teams call on the remote PC.

Hey James, I am not sure I understand your use case, can you provide clarification please? We have multiple sound modes available:
Sound menu - ConnectWise


All the sound modes that ConnectWise currently offers only allows you to listen to the Remote PCs speakers, forward your microphone to the remote PC's speakers or listen to the Remote PCs microphone.

My use case is that imagine a user is accessing their Office PC via Control unattended access and they have VOIP Software installed on the remote PC and they wish to make a call via that VOIP software, there is no way for them to virtualise their microphone on the remote PC.

If you look at the link I've added below you can see its possible to do when using Microsoft Remote Desktop


Hello James,

Did you or SC ever find a way to make this work?