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Customized Access Reinstall/Update Executable and/or Path

MyThoughts 2 years ago 0

Currently when Connectwise Control updates an Access Session client or a user initiates an Access Session reinstall the update file is automatically downloaded and stored with the following path and executable name:

C:\Windows\Temp\ScreenConnect\'Version Number'\ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.exe

I think it would be useful to allow customization of both the Temp folder path and the executable name.

In our case we would like to be able to do this for security reasons. We manage many client endpoints that have managed and monitored protection software on them which are configured to actively block any form of remote control excluding our ConnectWise Access client. It can be a pain to allow the update of the ConnectWise Control agent without opening up allowing other potential installation of remote support software. If we could customize the path and name of the executable we would be able to put exclusions on the endpoints to allow only our ConnectWise executable whilst still blocking others, providing at least a little bit more security from potential unauthorized remote connect clients.