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Restart service if not connected

Jonathan Hemmings 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

We have a problem with the clients not always connecting after a reboot or when then turn on their terminal.

The service will run but screen connect will say Waiting to retry and Last Error: A socket operation.

Restarting the service fixed the problem instantly.

So my main question is. Is there a log or output or a way of seeing if the client is connected that i can see with powershell? If so then i can use powershell to execute a restart of the service if it has failed .

Thank you


Yes, this is 'bloody annoying'. The amount of times I need to get a client to reboot for the screenconnect service on the device to reconnect is frustrating at times

It always the ones you need to jump onto quickly as well. The support team find it really frustrating when we get a support call and we cannot get on. Talking the client through a restart of the service is sometimes a challenge in itself, although I have made this easier now on the new installations, we now have a script that will reboot the service from a shortcut on the desktop. The time its a major issue is when we need unattended access (For us is most of the time)