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Prevent or Warn on Duplicate DisplayNames - Potential Mistake

Sean Keown 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 0

We created private buckets for our technicians in control using the following filter. Reading below it indicates that the filter will limit the view based on the current user. host = $USERNAME. This seems safe as no two users have the same username. 

Image 1138

But further down I read that if a display name is filled in that that is used instead. 

I then checked and noticed that we had two or more users with the same name but different username. Since they both had the same name, they were able to see each other's sessions which we thought were private initially. 

Image 1139


I'm asking that there could be some sort of warning or flag in control to prevent duplicate displaynames. Just because partners maybe affected by this in some way but not realize it. For partners that use private groups or use the transfer button for private sessions. This also affects sessions that are made from the ConnectWise SSO portal. Users first and last name need to be unique in that platform too. 

I'm sure some users are aware of this but i wanted to make sure others are aware as well.