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Add a custom greeting when a control session is initiated.

Albert Gootee 1 year ago updated by Sean Keown 1 year ago 1

When our customers initiate a session for support with us they see nothing until we chat to them or manipulate their screen. It would be good to have a greeting immediately popup letting them know we will be with them shortly and stating our hours incase they are trying to reach us outside of them. Their is an extension but its a auto reply only and would require our customer to first attempt chatting to us. The chat window starts out hidden so most of our customers are not savvy enough to open it and try chatting to get the auto reply.

Hi Albert,

  This may not be what you're looking for but, I do the following today. You could maybe customize your greeting.


Hello {Session.GuestLoggedOnUserName}, {Connection.ParticipantName} has connected.

Image 1151

(Event.EventType = 'Connected' OR Event.EventType = 'SwitchedLogonSession') AND Connection.ProcessType = 'HOST' AND Session.GuestConnectedCount = 1

Image 1153