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split monitors and scale to fit screen and taskbar but not full screen

Wally 1 year ago updated by Cazz0r 1 year ago 3

how do you make it so that it automatically scales to the borders and just above the taskbar but not full-screen? it used to do that, but now it just splits without scaling to fit the borders and the taskbar.

i just found this so i unchecked it

Image 1150

let me know if there is like a toggle switch where if you click the split monitors, it automatically scales to the top and the taskbar

We are experiencing this also, really annoying having to change the scaling every time you split the monitors. 100% can confirm this did not occur in previous versions. 

1000% when clicking the 3 arrows for Split Monitors the windows that get opened used to be maximized. My colleagues think I'm crazy but I stand with Wally, this used to happen and has stopped.