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Make subgroups much easier to use and easier to deploy

Jim1 1 year ago 0 1 duplicate

Connectwise is great but I have one area I think could be made easier - don't take away any of the current group functionality just add a couple of features.

I posted for assistance and actually had a one on one session and while groups weren't initially planned to be used this way - it shouldn't be a challenge to make it more function.

E.g. you create a company ACME.   creating a subgroup should be as easy as right click - on acme and add subgroup - enter subgroup name - e.g. servers   I don't necessarily want that subgroup in every group I have and I don't ever want empty session place holders make my attempt ad efficiency more inefficient.

Inviting some to a group or subgroup that already exists shouldn't be - creat a new session make sure you have the name identical to the existing group then inviting them, it should be right click - invite or download

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