Backstage - Lock on Disconnect

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Already seen - https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/1/topics/3993-add-setting-to-allow-backstage-to-not-lock-when-lock-on-disconnect-is-enabled

But that does not address the issue I'm seeing.

Quick Settings > Lock Guest Machine > Access is checked, Support is unchecked. 

When we connect via backstage the client is not alerted, but when we close our session, the clients screen locks. This seems to defeat the purpose of backstage. The only way to fix this that I'm currently aware of is to disable the lock guest machine option for access. We would like to keep locking Access sessions when disconnecting. 

I request that another check box be added to distinguish backstage as a separate lock guest machine when host disconnections option. 


What version of Control are you running, and is the client version the same as the server version? for server and client.

OK, great! The fix for the issue is in the 23.2 version, so once you update try it again, but from what it sounds like, this is the exact use case we have tried to solve.

From what I read the issue was switching back and forth during a session between backstage and regular. That sounded different than connecting with backstage and then disconnecting.  Does the update add an option check box for backstage in the lock guest machine area?

We are on cloud/SaaS, so when does that release happen?


Incorrect "Lock on (dis)connect" behavior with Backstage sessions

We've fixed an issue where the Lock on Disconnect and Lock on Connect settings do not behave as expected.

Their behaviors has been corrected to the following:

If Lock on Disconnect is enabled,

  • Switching from a non-Backstage logon session will lock that machine.
  • The host disconnecting will lock that machine.

If Lock on Connect is enabled,

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