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Automatic Uninstall of Offline Support Sessions

Sean Keown 1 year ago 0

It would be nice if we could set a max timeout for support sessions to auto uninstall / disable themselves when they have gone offline or are never able to connect to our control server.


  • Auto Uninstall - Max timeout initial connection that never established a connection. -  24 hours
  • Auto Uninstall - Max timeout for preexisting sessions that stopped communicating.  - 7 Days


Background: We have customers that block access to control or never allow it from the start. We normally don't find out we can't connect until someone attempts to provide a support session with the customer and realizes the session won't establish. By then the customer has started 2 - 3 control sessions on their computer / server but these sessions will never close since they create a service and don't appear in add / remove. 

These sessions stay active forever until someone happens to notice the tray icon and clicks end or until someone connects to the console session of the server. 

I really hate finding these processes consuming CPU / Memory and or creating a potential vulnerability that can never be patched because we don't know they exist, and they stay running forever.